• AssetWise APM
    Combining IT, OT, and ET in the Digital Twin - Working Together to Achieve Operational Excellence

    By working separately, the various teams within a process plant cannot carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively. Join this discussion to learn why a digital twin is the perfect environment for unifying engineering, operations, and maintenance to visualize and monitor the plant consistently across the whole lifecycle. .

  • AssetWise ALIM
    The Backbone of the Digital Twin - Why ALIM will eliminate your unreliable asset information problem

    There is nothing more important in managing asset information throughout its lifecycle than its core information model. But how do you ensure the integrity of this information, especially when used in a digital twin? Learn why an asset lifecycle information management system is the backbone to a digital twin to improve accessibility, quality and integrity of asset data. .

  • AssetWise Road and Bridges
    Reliability and Compliance Built on Trusted Data: Why Digitalization is Driving Better Asset Management for Roads and Bridges

    As road agencies struggle to optimize their budgets and maintenance, discover how digital workflows and visualization help support decisions and better outcomes. AssetWise for Roads and Bridges can accelerate you into the world of digital transformation through intelligent network modeling and data management to make proactive and strategic maintenance decisions. Learn how AssetWise enables highly effective asset management practices with the use of photogrammetry and video to build digital twins for virtual immersive inspection data enabling automated identification of asset condition issues to reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance.

  • AssetWise Rail and Transit
    Reliability and Resilience Built on Trusted Data: Why Digital Twins are Fast Tracking Better Asset Management in Rail and Transit

    As rail agencies focus on budget, reliability, and safety, realize how digital workflows and visualization help support decision-making. AssetWise for Rail and Transit delivers a full life-cycle information management solution providing the foundation for your organization’s digital twin transformation. Explore the digital advancements in the processing of data through continuous surveying of real-world conditions and the utilization of digital twins, AI and Machine Learning to automatically align and assess data to identify conditions requiring attention to improve maintenance strategies, reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance.. .

  • OpenUtilities
    Digitalize the Power Grid for Reliability and Resilience

    Electric utilities are challenged to adopt clean energy practices, adapt to changing demand, and respond to customer needs all while ensuring grid reliability and resilience. These challenges have increased pressure to digitalize across power generation, transmission, distribution, and grid edge networks. Discover the power of digital twins to achieve a comprehensive understanding of an integrated grid, create immersive experiences with analytics visibility, and gain deeper insights — so you can make smarter and more informed decisions.

  • PlantSight
    Digital Twins for the Process Industries

    Plant owner-operators need to bring all of their plant data and information together to contextualize it, validate it, and visualize it. Join our team of experts and users to learn how PlantSight allows you to transform your raw data into one complete, aligned, up-to-date digital twin.