• ContextCapture & Orbit 3DM
    4D Digital Context for Digital Twins with Comprehensive Reality Modeling Portfolio

    Add real-world digital context to your projects and accelerate the decision-making process during all phases of your asset lifecycle. Learn how to easily capture, manage, analyze, and share terabytes of reality data of any size and type into one single source of truth that provides 4D digital context to better design, construct, operate, and collaborate.

  • CUBE and Streetlytics
    Insights into the Future of Mobility and Its Impact on Urban Infrastructure

    We read about coming radical changes to the transportation system every day: the self-driving car, a move from petroleum, connected infrastructure and vehicles streaming continuous data, centralized city-scale traffic management systems. These changes will transform how we move within cities and how we plan and design the supporting infrastructure. In this session we bring together transportation planners and the future of mobility systems' leaders to discuss how and when these changes are coming, how today’s mobility data is just a preview, and how planners and engineers should better leverage data to design the future transportation system.

  • OpenCities Map
    2D/3D Desktop GIS and Mapping Software

    GIS for every level, every workflow, and every discipline. Create, maintain, analyze, and share your geospatial, engineering, and business information in a powerful, yet familiar MicroStation environment. Work confidently with engineering-quality GIS to produce quality maps and unify disparate 2D/3D data.

  • OpenCities Planner
    Collaborative 3D Visualization Platform for Effective Urban Planning

    For many cities, early communication and engagement with the public is an important step for urban planning and development. With OpenCities Planner, fast-track the approval of your plans using a collaborative 3D platform! Learn how to quickly create design options, communicate city plans, and engage with stakeholders and citizens.

  • OpenFlows
    Comprehensive Solutions for Water Infrastructure Digital Twins

    Water and wastewater utilities are seeking new ways to provide reliable, low-cost service while also meeting stringent standards to keep the public healthy and the environment safe. With OpenFlows WorkSuite, you can confidently plan, design, and operate water systems of any complexity. OpenFlows technologies combine real-time intelligence with spatial analytics, delivering visibility and insights to ensure optimal real-world outcomes.

  • OpenGround
    Deliver Geotechnical Project Integrity - Ground to Cloud (1 of 2)

    Project team dynamics and the tools they require are changing rapidly. Subsurface digital twins are vital for assessing and managing risks in infrastructure projects. Access geotechnical data anywhere, many ways. CONQUER geotechnical challenges with Confidence. PLAN with Trusted Information Ground to Cloud. OpenGround & PLAXIS.