Celebrate the Extraordinary Work Behind the Most Innovative Infrastructure Projects

Join Us December 1 and 2 for The Year in Infrastructure and Going Digital Awards Virtual Event

Featuring Perspectives from Bentley and Industry Executives

Join CEO Greg Bentley, Bentley executives, Siemens, and AEC Advisors for their latest insights during the Year in Infrastructure.

Throughout the event, we will celebrate the digital advancements in infrastructure and sustainability by spotlighting the winners of the 2021 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure.

Attend the event to learn how the people behind the award-winning projects made amazing impacts in cities, energy, mobility, project delivery, and water.

Going Digital for Resilience and Adaptation

Few of our infrastructure organizations anticipated the adaptations that we have had to make to respond to the pandemic. We may be feeling fatigued now but looking back we can take pride in the resilience of our infrastructure professions.

Many organizations heeded the advice to “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and collectively we achieved an unprecedented acceleration in going digital: empowering our collaboration and virtualizing our talent while maintaining productivity and throughput.

Our collective pre-pandemic progress in going digital for infrastructure advancement yielded such an extraordinary ROI that now, rather than take going digital for granted, we should further target and recommit, with so much to be gained for our economies and environment.

The Year in Infrastructure 2021 will help us not only to reflect on, but also to institutionalize, what has been learned, so that at the next point of departure we are better prepared. Our goal now should be future-proofing both our organizations and infrastructure assets by programming in greater resilience and adaptation.

Join Us Virtually

Watch Chief Executive Officer Greg Bentley, Chief Success Officer Katriona Lord-Levins, and Chief Product Officer Nicholas Cumins share their insights on infrastructure trends, sustainability, and advancements in going digital. Hear from Siemens, AEC Advisors, and other industry experts making impressive infrastructure advancements in cities, energy, mobility, project delivery, and water.


Building Better Infrastructure

Advancing our Organizations and Infrastructure Assets

On December 1, we will focus on how going digital advances the resilience and adaptation of our organizations and infrastructure assets, including by honoring extraordinary examples.


Building Infrastructure Better

Advancing our Projects Through Digital Technologies

On December 2, we will focus on how going digital advances our projects and skillsets, including by presenting the much anticipated 2021 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure recognizing the outstanding projects in their categories as judged by independent jurors.

Meet the Finalists

The categories for the 2021 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure encompass all forms of infrastructure projects and stages – from design, to construction, to operations. The nominations in each category are judged by an independent panel of jurors, using criteria specific to each category.

Meet the Finalists

Buildings and Campuses
Digital Cities
Digital Construction
Geotechnical Engineering
Land and Site Development

Mining Engineering
Offshore Engineering
Power Generation Project Delivery Information Management
Rail and Transit
Reality Modeling
Road and Rail Asset Performance

Roads and Highways
Structural Engineering
Utilities and Communications
Utilities and Industrial Asset Performance
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Networks


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